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About us

Leather Accessories


Camelide was launched to create a platform for the finest leather products from Indian subcontinent to the Gulf countries. With the growing use of premium quality leather products in India, it has been launched in the home country too. The production blends the handcrafted designs and machine processed leather to give complete satisfaction to the consumers. Our list of products includes very few selected premium articles, keeping in mind the inherent attributes of leather.

The authenticity to each and every product brought to you by Camelide has been selected after the most detailed exploration and carefully examined surveys of the needs and demands. The skilled artisans and craftsmen give full consideration to durability, innovation and contemporary design.

The integrated processes and stringent quality checks are adhered right from the raw hides to furnished products delivered. In a competitive market, the acknowledged investment of our customers in Camelide goods means everything to us. Our aim is far more than selling; the main focus is on quality and customer satisfaction. We are always striving to serve better with time.

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